Jeremy Clarkson has already said he'll be back with a new car show—and it looks like it could be sooner rather than later. 

On Tuesday—in a message which manages to be simultaneously cryptic and specific—Clarkson posted a photo to his Twitter feed, along with the description "I took this today...."

In the foreground, there's a Velocity Yellow Corvette Z06. In the background? A table, a camera—and what appears to be Richard Hammond. Now, exactly what they're up to is a mystery. It could be as simple as a  promo for the upcoming Clarkson, Hammond and May Live! dates scheduled for later this month in the UK. But given the wall-to-wall coverage which accompanied Clarkson's ouster from Top Gear, at this point, it's hard to imagine there's a need for any more publicity needed to pack those events.

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And given the complete absence of hard facts, we're going to get out the jump to conclusions mat and indulge in some wild speculation. 

This is a teaser for Clarkson, Hammond and May's return. It'll open with the folks behind the gold lamé-covered banquet table playing the role of pompous BBC brass, who give a breakdown of Clarkson's laundry list of incidents before banishing him from the network. Clarkson will then theatrically lament that he's worn out his welcome in England—not far from the truth, according the British press—and declare that he's coming to America, jump in the Z06 and do a burnout before shooting off into the horizon. Pan to a shot of Hammond, saying something like "Wasn't I invited?" The clip will close with the logo of an online streaming service, most likely Netflix

Remember, you heard it here first. More news when we get it.  


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