While it’s seemed obvious for some time, Top Gear As We Know It is dead. Today’s developments put the nails in that particular coffin: both co-star James May and executive producer Andy Wilman have called it quits from the show.

In May’s case, he’s said he won’t work on Top Gear without Jeremy Clarkson, though he will be happy to do any remaining promotional shoots for the 22nd and final Top Gear of the Clarkson Era (C.E.).

Executive producer Wilman, a childhood friend of Clarkson’s and one of the driving forces of the show’s transformation from a consumer-focused snooze to a motoring entertainment extravaganza, officially announced his resignation today as well.

With these two major players confirmed to be out for any future Clarkson-free Top Gear—or Top Gear in any form—the end of TGAWKI is clear.

What’s not yet clear, however, is what may arise to take the now-vacant title of most popular car show in the world.