The Porsche 919 Hybrid race car is updated for 2015, a hilarious group of Poles make a Fast & Furious parody, and a Canadian goes full chainsaw during a road rage incident. It’s The Week In Reverse here at Motor Authority.

The 2015 World Endurance Challenge season is getting underway, and Porsche is ready with an updated version of its 919 Hybrid race car. Efficiency, rigidity, and lightness were among the main efforts over the off season.

If you haven’t seen this take on Fast & Furious out of Poland, you’re missing out. No, we don’t understand a word. No, we don’t need to.

MINI unveiled a new augmented reality (or AR) system that uses glasses to provide the high-res, multi-function display in place of a conventional screen or a more futuristic projection or laser-based system. It’s an interesting concept, but those glasses… oof.

If you are like us, you take some pride in your driving—even the day-to-day runs around town. That’s why you’ll recognize every move in this video that shows you how to drive like an asshole. And you’ll hate every one.

Finally, a trip north takes us to the scene of a rather serious road rage incident that grew up out of a (naturally) relatively minor traffic disagreement. There’s a chainsaw involved but fortunately no one was physically injured.

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