Canadians are well-known—or at least well-reputed—for their kindness. This may be merely an exception to the rule, but it’s one hell of an exception.

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As the video posted to Facebook by one of the victims of the insane attack attests, it was a very scary thing. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Karine Cyr, who posted the video, was in the car with her partner Alexandre Hermenier and their two children, when the attack occurred.

Hermenier was driving the car, and he wasn’t entirely free of blame: having been cut off by the other driver when entering a nearby restaurant parking lot, Hermenier followed and blocked the other driver’s vehicle in a dead-end street, reports CTV News Montreal.

It was then that the other driver came at the family with the chainsaw, yelling “You like this?” in French before revving the chainsaw and threatening the car’s occupants.

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Bottom line here, however, is the same: road rage is stupid. Whether you’ve been wronged or you’re the (unrepentant) bad driver, keep it in the cabin and off the streets, folks.

Drive on, let it go, and live another day.

And definitely, certainly, don’t end up looking like a complete idiot on video in front of the world.

Karine Cyr on Sunday, April 5, 2015