After kickoff at Super Bowl XLIX, you can expect Lexus to be among the bevy of companies hawking their wares in between plays. Toyota's luxury division ran its first Super Bowl ad in 2012, and for 2015 it's back with a new spot featuring the 2015 NX compact crossover.

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While the Super Bowl remains a hotbed of advertising, Lexus will be among an expected smaller group of automakers than previous years. General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] and Volkswagen aren't expected to run ads, while Audi and Hyundai—which both had big presences in recent Super Bowls—haven't confirmed any plans.

In the same vein, the Lexus ad itself is also fairly austere for something running during the Super Bowl, in that it doesn't feature any celebrities, stunts, or obnoxiously self-aware humor. Instead, the ad—titled 'Make Some Noise'—features NX crossovers driving around what looks like a warehouse and, err, making noise. Car sounds like beeping infotainment systems and revving engines are integrated into the background music.

Ad agency Walton Isaacson reportedly wanted to make the commercial look like a music video to appeal to younger consumers, although if that was their goal, the people responsible for making it may have been better off emulating a cat video.

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The ad definitely puts more emphasis on the car (imagine that) than anything else. We'll see if the NX has enough charisma to get people's attention, or if Lexus should have drafted a celebrity or cute animal to co-star.

Super Bowl XLIX kicks off February 1 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Look for ads from BMW, Kia, Nissan, and Lexus parent Toyota as well.


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