Speculation is the name of the game here. The automakers are constantly making moves that leave the rest of the industry curious and guessing as to what's going on. Such is the case with the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] because the automaker just moved to trademark the name "EcoBeast".

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The folks over at Car and Driver think this could be a sign that the next F-150 Raptor will employ a mighty mill utilizing forced induction (the new performance pickup is expected to debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show next week).

Others think it could just be a preemptive strike against potential naming issues arising from the slew of tuning companies that exist in the world. After all, Hennessey already has the VelociRaptor, so it's not crazy to think that someone could create a vehicle worthy of the name EcoBeast, which may confuse shoppers looking for Ford's own EcoBoost products.

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We'd imagine that it would be a joint venture with Greenpeace, and the vehicle could be used to destroy all of the amazing spots on our planet.


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