Recently, we showed you video of the AMS GT-R taking home the top spot at the Texas Invitational. That car is a physics-defying monster that's probably also capable of creating the wormholes necessary for time travel. It certainly wasn't the only car at the track though, as the event was well-attended with lots of super-fast vehicles creating tremendous power.

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A handful of cars in attendance came courtesy of the crew from T1 Race Development. The Texas-based shop specializes in powerful builds, with a focus on the Nissan GT-R.

T1 apparently also brought a long a camera crew, because they've just realized a cool video that gives you another glimpse into the world of the Texas Invitational. There are mostly shots of various GT-R examples here, but a few other interesting vehicles also make it in front of the lens.

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It's well shot, and provides a nice boost of speed on this Monday afternoon.


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