Having given up his famous Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari 458 Italia because of a dispute with Ferrari over the use of his own "Purrari" badges on the car, Canadian DJ Deadmau5 recently switched over to a McLaren. His McLaren of choice was the 650S Spider, which he nicknamed the Meowclaren and recently used to ferry Uber users around in his home town of Toronto.

Now, we can reveal that Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, has ordered a McLaren P1. He posted a photo of a P1 to his Twitter account along with the message “aaaand its official, just purchased a hybrid car... Arrives in march.”

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Speaking with duPont Registry, Zimmerman said he ordered the car in blue and with a carbon fiber finish for the rear wing. Other specifications Zimmerman reportedly selected include a black interior with Alcantara trim and racing-style seats with five-point harnesses.

Zimmerman says his 650S Spider will remain his daily driver but he’ll still take the P1 out for joyrides or track days.

In case you’ve forgotten, McLaren plans to build just 375 P1s and all build slots for the car are sold out. That means Zimmerman is now in a very exclusive club, one that features fellow celeb Jay Leno.


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