An engine can be a beautiful piece of engineering and fascinating to explore in pieces. It's not always convenient, however, to take apart your car when you want a lesson in how things work.

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That's where the world of miniatures comes into play, and there are many examples of scaled-down engines available all over the place. Some are glorious examples of tiny power, while others provide great insight into how your standard engine works. Occasionally, however, there are examples that are as beautiful to place on your desk as a fine watch would look draped over your wrist.

The engine in the above video is one such piece.

This video should prove wonderfully mesmerizing. The music is cinematically dramatic, there is no talking, and the footage is clean and tight on the build itself. Your focus is applied exactly where the builder wants it to be.

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The subject of the video is a W-18 engine that turns over thanks to compressed air. There's a great payoff at the end of the clip, as you can see the tiny bits of machinery all working together to create a visual delight.

If your Monday has started off on the wrong foot, watch this video and all will be right again.


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