This week’s news highlights feature a pair of motorsports mishaps that fortunately end surprisingly well despite the high speeds involved, some future vehicles including a high-tech semi-truck and the next Saleen Ford Mustang, plus the possibility that Lotus may decide to pull the Evora from the U.S. market. It’s Motor Authority’s video news for the week of September 21.

Starting with vehicles of the future, Steve Saleen’s first take on the 2015 Ford Mustang, the Saleen S302, is due to arrive soon, even though the Mustang itself hasn’t yet reached dealers. Thus far, all we have is a side-profile design preview, but we expect some significant performance upgrades to be ready by the time the car is finished, too.

In the more distant future, Mercedes-Benz’s future semi-truck technology, previewed this week, actually makes us want to change careers. With high-tech computers aiding the driving and a gorgeous, comfortable cabin to ride in, the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 is an attractive prospect. More importantly for road safety and the future of transportation logistics, the truck offers a wealth of capability to improve highway conditions for both truck drivers and other motorists.

Moving to the motorsports mayhem side of things, the first incident this week saw land speed racer George Poteet lose control of his machine at more than 370 mph. Despite the ferocity of the wreck and the velocity involved, Poteet survived the accident. It’s a remarkable outcome, and an even more remarkable video.

Speaking of remarkable, how about a 1955 Chevy drag car that rockets out of the hole, nearly takes out a Camaro, then barrel rolls a few times before coming to a rest? Oh, and did we mention that the driver somehow got loose in the car, ending the crazy crash with his legs sticking out the windshield? And that he was fine, walking away from the incident? Yes, this was a bizarre but fortunately miraculous week for motorsports mishaps.

Finally, Lotus’ troubles have recently seen it lay off more than 25 percent of its global work force, and it appears the hits are still coming. The Evora luxury sports coupe may soon cease sales in the U.S., leaving the brand with nothing but the track-focused Exige series in America. [Lotus has since denied the loss of the Evora in the U.S., but the brand is still clearly in trouble with no 2015 model year offering. - ed.] How much longer can the legendary British brand hang on? We can only hope it’s long enough to make it to the next round of product—and that that product is good enough to keep buyers interested for years and decades to come.

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