Ifthe idea of a V-8-powered Karma wasn’t your speed, you may be pleased to hear that Fisker is looking to gear back up for production of the hybrid form of the car under its new owner, Wanxiang.

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The new Karma will be built with the defunct model’s specs as the basis. The Karma went out of production in 2012 before the company went under in 2013. Wanxiang says the new Karma will see updates to “many key areas. It will have noticeable upgrades,” Reuters reports.

Many similarities will persist, too, however, in order to get the new car into the U.S. market under the old model’s safety certification.

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One problem Wanxiang may have in restarting Karma production is the disgruntled—and now disassembled—state of much of its supply network. The companies that delivered many of the parts of the Karma suffered losses during the demise of the original Fisker organization, and may not be eager to re-associate with the new company. For other suppliers, the tooling and assembly may simply no longer exist.

Nevertheless, Wanxiang continues to work toward production of the revived Karma. According to the Reuters report, a previous goal for re-starting production of February, 2015 seems unlikely, however.