Earlier, we showed you a fun videomercial that BMW put together to show off the all-new M235i. If you haven't seen it, the clip shows a gaggle of BMW coupes ripping around a South African roundabout in a serious display of car control. The stunt was well choreographed, and the drivers clearly know how to handle the machines they're sitting in.

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How exactly does a stunt like that come together? I'm glad I asked...

BMW released a behind the scenes video to highlight how the Drift Mob came to be. It features a bit of insight from the likes of Rhys Millen, Sam Hübinette, and Conrad Grunewald. Dai Yoshihara and Rich Rutherford also chime in as well, and every driver involved is clearly a master at this craft.

Riley Harper is the stunt coordinator for the entire ordeal. He mentions that the drivers all grew up racing and drifting together, so the crew is a natural fit for a shoot like this. As good as the footage was in the actual video, it's great to see the same level of detail and cinematography applied to this behind the scenes look. Additionally, it's always nice to peel back the sheen of a finished product and see how it was produced.

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Those cameras they're using? They probably cost more than the cars being driven...


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