BMW seems excited about its new M235i. The automaker wants you to be excited about the car as well. Since we're dealing with a powerful, rear-wheel-drive coupe, it makes sense that to get you excited about the car, it might want to show one getting extremely sideways. BMW is thinking bigger than that though, because its taken five drivers, five cars, and formed a Drift Mob.

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The scene unfolds in South Africa, at a large roundabout with plenty of onlookers standing by. The road is shut down and the drivers get to work ruining tires, marking up asphalt, and generally showing off some serious skills in the world of car control.

The shenanigans continue for a bit with the moves getting more precise. Eventually though, the action comes to a halt and the "cop" hops into one of the rides. The onlookers are left to wonder what the heck they just saw, while BMW dealers across the globe quietly wait for Internet orders to start flowing in.

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It's fun, it makes the car look exciting, and, if you look closely, you can see that some serious driving talent was involved. Well, you don't have to look that closely really since the action is pretty damn clean.


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