A Subaru WRX with more power and performance—that’s the STI, right? And an Audi A4 with more power and performance—that’s the S4? Nope and nope. At least not in this case.

Due for launch at 11:00 a.m. local time on August 25th in Japan, a new sedan dubbed “WRX S4” is coming, which not only has “the Subaru’s top AWD sports performance,” but also “unique overall safety performance.”

The weird words only get stronger as the picture becomes clearer: this is a high-trim WRX, and probably not much more, and probably only for the Japanese market.

As Subaru summarizes the car, the S4 name has four meanings:

  • Sports performance
  • Safety performance
  • Smart driving
  • Sophisticated feel.
We’ll just have to forget about the fifth meaning.