As a gearhead, few things match the pain of having your car stolen. Just a few moments of the underworld's time can rid you of a project that ate up years of your time, money, experience and love.

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It's a pain Bob Heroux knows only too well. His modified 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass, affectionately known as 'Scat Rat', disappeared at the beginning of July. Had it gone forever, that would have been devastating enough—but as CJME reports, Heroux found the butchered remains of his pride and joy just a few days afterwards.

"These guys knew what they were doing," Heroux said.

The theft happened just a short time after Heroux had installed $20,000 worth of GM 572 big-block—and the engine remains a missing component of the car. Bob feels confident he will find the remaining parts—all are marked and unique to the car—but for the time being, all he has to go on are a dozen or so chopped parts discovered in a farm field near Purdue, Saskatchewan. The police have made arrests related to the theft, but so far very few details are known.

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"It is crushing", he said, adding that the drag car had been locked up tight, regularly parked on a trailer in the same spot it was stolen from with no previous issues. Bob already intends to rebuild the car, using some of what he's reclaimed from the found parts, and that people have already come in contributing '68 Cutlass parts to his project. Despite the heartache of losing his prized possession, Bob remains positive—it's the end of an era, he says, but also a new beginning.


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