In the ongoing Porsche 911 Secrets video series, the latest car to get special treatment is the 911 SC East African Safari Rally car. And it’s a very special 911 indeed.

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Based on the road-going 911 that also dominated paved-course racing in its era, the East African Safari Rally 911 is built for hardcore, high-speed off-road use, and proved quite capable at the task.

Ultimately brought down from its potential victory in the race of the same name by collision with a large rock, the 911 Safari nonetheless has inspired generations with its potential—and may soon inspire an entirely new 911 variant.

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Rumors of a 991-based 911 Safari have been circulating since late 2013, with a concept version of the car possible sometime this year. While it might not be a production-intent vehicle, a 911 Safari wouldn’t be unimaginable—Audi did offer us the Nanuk, after all.