While we don’t condone street racing of any kind, it’s hard not to be enthralled by two of the rarest and most capable supercars on the planet going all out on a lone desert highway. That’s exactly what we have in this video, posted on the Instagram account of aziz_qtr. It shows a Ferrari LaFerrari lining up with a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The drivers of each then accelerate from a slow rolling start, with the Sesto Elemento leaving the LaFerrari in its dust.

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Of course, the Sesto Elemento is a track-only speed machine that puts its power through all four wheels and weighs just 2,200 pounds. It also looks like the Lamborghini driver was the first to drop the hammer, and he or she is eventually passed by the LaFerrari in the end, which makes sense as the LaFerrai has the higher top speed and is much more powerful. Nevertheless, it’s still impressive to see that the 562-horsepower Sesto Elemento can hold its own against Ferrari’s 950-hp, hybrid spaceship.

So where did this drag race happen? And why was a track-only Sesto Elemento allowed to drive on what’s presumably a public highway? Well, we know the race took place near Doha in Qatar, and according to blogger alexotics the cars belong to Qatar royal Nasser Al Thani, which helps explain why the race was allowed to happen.


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