While we can never condone street racing in any form, we have to admit these guys are doing it with style. On the road in some nameless desert (perhaps part of the ongoing Goldrush Rally), a McLaren P1 finds a Bugatti Veyron and 2,000-plus horsepower is uncorked.

Which wins? It’s hard to tell. Did the P1 get the jump on the Veyron? Maybe. Is the Veyron reeling the P1 in as the corner approaches? Perhaps.

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It’s entirely possible that it doesn’t matter which wins. It’s just fun to watch two of the maddest supercars ever built  face off against each other.

On paper, the P1 would seem to have the Veyron beat, despite the Veyron Grand Sport’s 1,200 horsepower rating and all-wheel drive. Why? Because the P1 is close to 1,000 pounds lighter, has low-end hybrid torque, and packs 903 horsepower of its own.

In this real world example, however, the two cars, separated by more than a decade in design and so many other aspects, appear to be much closer. Certainly closer than the P1 facing off against an 850-horsepower modified Nissan GT-R.

Caution: There's some coarse language in this clip, so put it on mute or avoid it altogether if that's likely to offend.