When you own a McLaren F1, you enter a small club. Just 106 examples were produced, and all became immediate prized possessions the moment they left the Woking assembly line. If you own and drive a McLaren F1, it's highly unlikely that you'll come across another example while out tooling around your local back roads.

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That isn't the case, however, when the McLaren F1 Owners Club decides to hold a get together.

Over the course of a few days, a relatively larger number of McLaren F1 owners and their amazing machines hung out and celebrated their road going rockets. Portions of the event were captured by YouTube user Carlo DeLucis. This means there is video of the cars idling, parked, driving, and getting on the throttle. It's the perfect mix of McLaren F1 car porn.

We particularly love the shot on Day 2 (video below) with all cars lined up for photos. Also, we're proud of these owners for not fearing the dirt roads they occasionally had to traverse. It may have been a puckering moment for a few, but it seems like everyone made the dusty portion of the trip just fine.

Not everyone could make the trip though, unfortunately. Remember that McLaren F1 we told you about that was in the violent accident? The owner and car were on their way to this gathering.

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