Volkswagen shocked many when it rolled out its 395-horsepower Golf R concept at the recent 2014 Beijing Auto Show. But what’s more shocking still is that the wild concept is actually destined for production, if senior VW execs are to be believed, and there’s a good chance it may even have more than 400 horsepower on tap when it finally lands in showrooms.

From a 2.0-liter engine, that would comfortably give it the highest specific output of any production 2.0-liter car, and make Mercedes-Benz's 355-horse A45 AMG (and the CLA45 AMG sedan sold in the U.S.) look... well, a little weak.

Incredibly, the required modifications to regular Golf R’s 2.0-liter turbo four in its transformation to R 400 spec were rather minor. Boost pressure was increased, internals uprated, and air and fuel flow optimized. In this latest video from AutoEmotionenTV, we get to hear the Golf R 400’s potency for the first time. Hopefully any production version sounds just as good.


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