About a month ago we heard the BMW was planning a new concept for the 2014 Beijing Auto Show that envisions a potential 9-Series flagship. Now the German automaker has confirmed that it will present a forward-looking concept at the Chinese show that demonstrates its perception of luxury.

As a taste of what’s to come, BMW says the concept will portray exclusivity and innovation. It will do this by featuring “outstanding” exterior and interior design quality, select materials and seamlessly integrated controls. The automaker also says the concept will provide a driving experience that is “optimally tailored to the needs of all occupants,” suggesting there will be plenty of connectivity features.

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Of most interest is confirmation that the concept will utilize new lightweight construction techniques, which most likely involve some use of carbon fiber. BMW is in the process of developing a lightweight, modular platform that will underpin most of its models sized from the 3-Series up, and the Beijing concept is expected to preview it. The first production model to ride on the new platform will be the next-generation 7-Series.

The 2014 Beijing Auto Show gets underway on Sunday, so we should have all the details soon. BMW will also use the show to present the 7-Series Horse special edition pictured above. For more from the show, head to our dedicated hub.


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