The Maserati MC12 is essentially a Ferrari Enzo that went to finishing school. For some that's a great thing, while others prefer the rawness of the Enzo. Either school of thought is in luck, because there are no wrong answers here and both cars are exceptional. Still, the MC12 is far more rare than the Enzo seeing as just 50 were produced compared to the nearly 400 Enzo examples originally churned out. Though if people keep crashing them, the Enzo could catch up in the rare department.

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It's understandable then that you all should be excited when a MC12 comes up for sale. There happens to be one at this very moment sitting in the showroom at Ferrari of Newport Beach. It gets more interesting, however, because this one is finished in Tuxedo Black... and it's the only one of the 50-car run to wear this paint scheme. The rest were all done in blue and white.

This particular MC12 is street legal in 49 of the 50 states, with California being the only lame duck. Odd then that the car should be sitting for sale in California. Oh well, if we could afford the has-to-be-seven-figured price tag, we'd drive it anyway. You can run a car with no plates in California for an extended period of time, and this one wouldn't cause the batting of an eye with a paper tag on the back.

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Not that we'd condone anyone out there doing such a thing*

*We totally condone it.**

**Per our lawyers, that last bit isn't true.***

***Forget about the lawyers... go enjoy your life.


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