Literally nothing in this video makes logical sense, but it's still 100% perfect. Mike Ryan and the Banks Super-Turbo Castrol Freightliner (which you might know from Pikes Peak) don't bother defying physics with their house-sized antics--they just take physics' lunch money and dump it in the trash can.

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With antics and cinematography that put even Ken Block's Gymkhana series on notice, Size Matters 2 breaks out the big guns--and the heavy equipment--for a video you won't soon forget. Jumping, drifting, general hoonery. It's all here.

Best of all? There's a twist to the story. Check it out, then let us know what you think in the comments below--and start wondering what might be next. That's right, Size Matters 3 might just be in the works.

Gale Banks, the madman/genius behind this semi truck (and the Banks in Banks Power), contacted us to add his own thoughts on the Size Matters experience: "Wherever we go with the Freightliner, it’s an unusual, almost surreal experience.  The whole thing is unnatural from its very foundation. You take a five-ton big rig, it’s got a Detroit Diesel engine that we turbocharged and supercharged, added our Straight-Shot methanol injection, and then you do things with it that most people wouldn’t do even in a regular car.  Up at Pikes Peak last year, we had crazy weather trying to kill Mike Ryan, the driver, but that didn’t keep him from pushing the truck hard and taking it, literally, to the edge. 

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"When we rented the Matson shipping lines at the port of Long Beach for this video, we had bad weather again, plus, between homeland security and the insurance company, we almost didn’t get to do the jump.  
"I think anyone who’s into trucks, drifting, jumping and insane stunts will dig it.  As far as what’s next for the truck, we’re doing some tweaks to get ready for the next Pikes Peak hill climb on June 29th, and who knows, if this video takes off we’ll have to figure out how to top it for Size Matters 3.  Whatever we do, I guarantee it will be something you’ve never seen before."

We can't wait.