Have you ever driven a car and left everything out on the course? I mean really pushed both yourself and your machine to the limit? Even if you say yes, you still haven't gone as wild as some of the hill climb racers on this planet.

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Here's a prime example courtesy of David Baldi. He is driving a Lotus 23b with a 1600cc engine that is clearly designed to destroy the world despite its small size. The course is part of the 1963 Bologna - San Luca 2012 event, and it's clear that Mr. Baldi has given the route a once over before setting off.

Hill climbs are insane events where folks try to tackle a relatively short course as fast as possible. These are usually routes filled with tight turns, no run offs, and wide-eyed spectators. This course is no exception, and the way Baldi hammers it is truly awe inspiring.

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His Lotus fights him nearly the entire way up, but David Baldi fights back just as hard and keeps the sheet metal in pristine shape. This is how you extract everything out of a car, and leave everything out on the course. Well done, Mr. Baldi.


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