Mike Ryan and his insane modified Banks Super Turbo Freightliner race truck are back for more vehicular mayhem.

The professional stunt driver and racer has produced a sequel to his video Size Matters (think Ken Block's Gymkhana, with a big rig) and, based on the trailer dug up by BangShift, it looks like it could break the Internet.

Like the first video, Size Matters 2 will feature Ryan and his Freightliner doing things that seem impossible for a heavy-duty truck. In scenes filmed at the Port of Long Beach, the truck drifts with a modified Nissan 240SX, and drags a very brave stunt person clinging to its rear bumper.

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However, Ryan has apparently saved the best for last. According to BangShift, the full video features a jump over a row of cars. It may not be called Bigfoot, but the Freightliner has officially crossed over into monster-truck territory.

When they're not amusing YouTube viewers with stunt driving, Ryan and the Freightliner amuse them with high-speed runs up Pikes Peak. At least, those viewers that don't own a Toyota Prius: When this truck gets moving, massive quantities of hydrocarbons get burned.

Potential environmental damage aside, Size Matters 2 should be quite a spectacle. Look for the full video ahead of the Mid-America Trucking Show in the coming weeks.


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