At last year's Geneva Motor Show, Spyker unveiled the B6 Venator, a concept version of a new sports car the Dutch automaker hoped could expand its market share. Spyker later confirmed that it would build the B6 Venator, but it's apparently a bit short on cash. The company has now revealed it will launch a bond program to pay for the launch of the car.

The Spyker Venator Bond carries a 100,000-British pound subscription price (about $167,000 at current exchange rates), but that price gives investors a chance to reserve one of the first production Venators. Each of the 100 bonds issued will come with a chassis number, which corresponds to a car that will feature a unique color scheme and badging, Spyker says.

Taking reservations is one thing, but asking customers to fund the development of their own cars is fairly unusual, and a little dubious. It's like the One Percent's version of Kickstarter. Along with a second bond on offer, dubbed the Spyker Bond, Spyker hopes to raise an additional 20 million pounds (about $33 million), primarily to fund production of the Venator.

Despite the gold-plated fundraising scheme, the Venator is supposed to be a less-expensive alternative to the current Spyker C8 Aileron, one that can attract more customers to the brand.

It features the same Steampunk styling as previous Spykers, rendered in carbon fiber bodywork on an aluminum chassis. A mid-mounted V-6 engine produces "at least" 375 horsepower, according to Spyker.

The Venator received an overwhelmingly-positive response in Geneva last year, and Spyker said it would put it on sale with a base price of around $150,000. A convertible is also planned.

Spyker originally planned to begin U.S. deliveries before the end of this year, but that timetable may get pushed back if the company can't secure funding to begin production.


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