Jeff Zwart is a man who's intimately familiar with all things Porsche. His father owned Porsche cars and Zwart learned to drive in a 911 that was such an early production car that it was actually a 901. Zwart now owns more modern Porsches and he takes them racing, quite successfully in fact. This man has seven Pikes Peak championships under his belt, and he has driven Porsche vehicles all across the globe.

That's why Jeff understands that there is another side to the 911. It's not simply capable of destroying curve after curve of perfectly smooth tarmac. Instead, Porsche engineers can rig up their symbolic machine to tackle off road racing as well. Like the pre-paved Pikes Peak racing Zwart has driven in, the 911 has also been used to blast through the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Zwart gets to spend a bit of time with Porsche's own museum-stored rally-racing 911. It's a gorgeous Rothmans livery-wearing machine, and it's most at home covered in dirt. The accompanying video is well shot, and shows some lovely images of both Zwart on the hill in Colorado and on some dusty back roads in the Rothmans car.

We do have one complaint with the clip though: it should be 15 minutes longer, and then consist of nothing more than the Rothmans car ripping across some dunes with no music in the background.

What a machine...


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