Some people go to extreme lengths to own the car of their dreams. Theft. Selling drugs. Getting tickets to see Oprah and hoping she's feeling generous that day. Other say they'd sell part of their anatomy.

Some, like Mark Parisi, actually do it--selling one of his testicles to medial science for $35,000 so he could buy a Nissan 370Z. According to News, Parisi announced the unusual financing plan on CBS show The Doctors, which probably made for a more interesting episode than people complaining about a rash on their face or a nagging headache.

While some will reel at the thought of losing one of their testicles over a car, others are sure to have been threatened with similar by an ex-girlfriend at some stage. More still will wonder why he went to all that trouble and then only bought a 370Z--$35,000 could get you something even more interesting on the used market--the man would have to be nuts to buy the Nissan. At least it's better than the guy who got MINI tattooed on his trouser snake in order to win a MINI. Less mirth for the ladies, we suspect.

For everyone else, Parisi is proof people often buy flashy sports cars to make up for deficiencies in other areas. Still, some might say selling a testicle to buy a car is better than being up to their balls in debt...


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