Every time anyone draws up a list of the best cars ever made, there's usually a Porsche 911 or Citroën DS in there somewhere. So a combination of two of the most revered cars ever sounds like a great idea, right? Combine the Porsche's iconic front end with the Citroën's elegant posterior, then finish it off with a sensible dose of rear-mounted flat-six, driving the rear wheels. Automotive perfection!

If you look through Brandpower (via Autoblog), you might see just such a thing. Unbelievably, it looks like someone may actually be building it--taking the best attributes of each car and combining them in one uber-stylish package. Well, it looks like that at first glance anyway. Look a little closer, and it all seems to come apart at the immaculately-welded seams.

Jalopnik readers spotted some of the first signs that such a project might be a hoax. There is some impressive detective work going on actually, but the biggest clues are the visual ones--none of it really looks right. Brandpower's images of the completed car look like particularly shoddy photoshops, with incomplete details and some very hazy texturing. The image of the car's designer at his desk is even more hilarious--a couple of hastily cut-and-pasted model cars with generic shadows, a pixelated mess posing as a preliminary sketch and a head that looks entirely uncomfortable with the body it sits on.

The post goes into even more detail with some of Brandpower's other images--more disembodied heads, images sourced from Google then hastily photoshopped, and amusing comments about finding space for the water-cooling elements of Porsche's famously air-cooled engine. Of course, all that assumes that Brandpower wasn't yanking our collective chains deliberately. By the time you get to the ficticious "car mag" front page and photo of the German and French heads of state apparently awestruck at the creation, it makes their construction photos look positively lifelike.

Hoax or not, we're not sure the Porsche 911 and Citroën DS hybrid is a great combination anyway. These two iconic cars, like ice cream and bacon, are best appreciated individually...


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