Alfa Romeo is getting excited that its 4C sports car is nearly ready to take over the world. Heck, the world is excited about it as well. If there's one thing we want, it's more lightweight sports cars on this planet, and the 4C looks to be one of the good ones. It's so good, in fact, that Alfa Romeo recently told us all about a blast around the Nürburgring in just eight minutes and four seconds. It's one thing, however, to tell us about it and show us pictures of the run. It's entirely a different occasion when you show us video of said 'Ring run.

That's what we've got today.

Alfa Romeo has released a video of the entire 8:04 jaunt around Germany's forest circuit. It's entirely shot from inside the cabin, which is a good vantage point to see just how demanding the Green Hell really is. The driver pushes the 4C to its limits, and is able to record an impressive time. It's not the sub-seven minute numbers we're starting to see from the supercar set but it's lightning quick for a vehicle packing a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. All 240 horsepower are clearly put to good use--Alfa's calling this the quickest time for a road car with under 250 horses.

It will be rather interesting to see how the 4C is received once it heads to U.S. dealerships. It's been quite sometime since a relatively affordable Alfa Romeo product has been offered up on our shores. If Alfa wants to return the right way, however, the automaker is certainly doing so with the 4C.


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