The fifth-generation Oldsmobile Cutlass was never a much loved vehicle in its day. Sure, it's got a handful of admirers today, but even then there's not a ton to love with regards to this G-Body and its smog-choked engine choices. There are ways to make it a more appealing vehicle, however, as one wonderful person has shown us. Start with a 1982 Cutlass coupe, rip out all the bad stuff, and insert a ton of much more powerful running gear. The resulting vehicle is a dragstrip destroying ode to '80s excellence.

Under the hood sits a supercharged LS2 V-8 engine. This 403 cubic-inch mighty motor is sending out the power to all four wheels because the car has been converted into an all-wheel-drive Cutlass. This means that all of the power is being sent out to the tires and down to the ground in a rather effective manner. This also means that this Cutlass is setup to terrorize its local quarter mile haunts. How well? In the video, you can see the car rip off a run in the 10 second range. It passes through the lights at over 130 mph.

That is one fast Cutlass.

See folks, all it takes is a little bit of brainstorming and skill to turn a less desirable machine into a lovely rocket ship. You just have to think outside of the G-Body box a bit, but once you do you'll see that wonderful things can happen.


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