Being Jay Leno has its perks. First, you get to dress head to toe in denim and nobody judges you for it. Second, companies like Jaguar occasionally say things like, "hey, wanna have a go in our one-of-a-kind Project 7 sports car?"

Jay does just that in his latest video, trying out the D-Type influenced, F-Type based concept car at Pebble Beach. Under the skin is a Jaguar F-Type V8 S--which he also drives in the video--but several bespoke parts give it the look, feel and sound of a 1950s Le Mans racer.

Resplendent in a coat of Ecurie Ecosse blue--mimicking one of history's more successful Jaguar racing teams--Project 7 certainly looks the part, and Jay is a big fan of the styling too. "People notice this car" he says to a passer-by, "but people always notice Jags".

The F-Type too draws praise, compared more favorably to his collection of classic E-Types--such as the 1963 XKE he recently drove--than subsequent efforts like the XJS and current XK. Then there's the quality, the styling, the new-to-Jaguar driver-focused interior, and of course: the sound.

But would you choose one, as Leno suggests, over a Porsche Cayman or 911? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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