Toyota may soon launch an affordable rear-wheel-drive sedan based on the bones of its Scion FR-S sports car. That’s the claim of a new report coming out of Australia.

Citing an inside source, Car Sales is reporting that Toyota is looking at several different models based on its rear-wheel-drive platform jointly developed with Subaru and currently found in the aforementioned FR-S as well as the GT 86 sold overseas and the BRZ sold by Subaru.

One is a convertible based on the FT 86 Open concept, though low projected sales is believed to have axed the project. Another is a shooting brake-style wagon and a third is a sedan, the most likely of the trio to make production. Why? Because it would be relatively unique in the market, especially if priced close to the $25,455 starting price, including destination, of the FR-S.

Such a car would appeal to buyers after a small sporty car but need the extra practicality of rear doors and seats. According to the report, the new sedan’s wheelbase would be about 4 inches longer than that of the FR-S.

The FR-S’ 200-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder boxer engine would be the standard powerplant, though a hybrid setup, something that’s also rumored for the FR-S, is said to be available as an option. This hybrid setup is reported to be a detuned version of the setup featured in Toyota’s recent Yaris Hybrid-R concept, with a single electric motor paired up with the boxer engine.

If the report is accurate, the FR-S-based rear-wheel-drive sedan will hit showrooms around the end of 2015.


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