The 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray has been making waves everywhere it goes--and occasionally hitting Very Hard Objects. It even managed to get into a tangle or two during development. But this looks like it might be the first known customer crash.

While details are non-existent on the Reddit posting that gives us the sad sight, apart from the rather vindictive tag line, "He didn't make it very long," the URL of the photo linked appears to come from Facebook. Whatever the reason for the crash, someone is having a bad day.

The nose appears to have taken the brunt of the damage, and the car is facing the wrong way, so it's possible the driver gave it a bit too much of the ol' right foot and spun it around, contacting an object or objects of greater density and/or inertia in the process. Fortunately it looks like no one was hurt--aside from a likely serious case of wounded pride, requiring major reconstructive surgery on the wallet.

Unfortunately, this is assuredly not the last time we'll see such carnage. Let's just hope it's not tomorrow.