Crash tests are one thing, but actual real world crash data is quite different. That's why General Motors engineers are taking a close look at a recent accident involving a 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

The C7 'Vette was being driven by a GM employee when it was t-boned by a Lincoln Town Car. This is only the third real-world crash with the new Corvette, so the information gleaned from the accident can help engineers learn more about their latest high-performance machine.

Earlier in the year, the very first C7 Corvette was in an accident in Arizona. It was a one-car incident that happened while the coupe was undergoing testing. The second accident happened a few months ago yet it went unreported in the news.

This latest crash involved a serious hit to the side of the Corvette, yet the Chevy seemed to fair better than the older Town Car. Of course, the doors aren't a crumple zone whereas the nose of a car is just that.

This particular Corvette was part of the automaker's captive-fleet program. These cars are used by employees in day-to-day real-world driving tests so that potential problems or issues can be identified and addressed before the vehicle heads to dealer showrooms. Seeing as how this Corvette was equipped with OnStar, the driver undoubtedly got to experience a first-hand encounter with the accident identification portion of that service.


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