Dropping a NASCAR engine into a street car is nothing new--one of our buddies has an old Chevy pickup sporting one of the fearsome V-8s. But there's dropping in an engine, and then there's the sort of work the Ring Brothers do.

According to Mustangs Daily, at this year's SEMA show, we'll be treated to this creation from those brothers, a 1965 Mustang with a NASCAR engine snuck under the domed hood.

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Nicknamed "Blizzard, the custom Mustang will bring an expected 710 horsepower, carbon fiber lightweight parts, and billet aluminum details--we're expecting one heck of a fierce muscle car.

Unfortunately for the Ring Brothers, even with an additional 70 horsepower, we find it highly unlikely they'll be able to outdo the gorgeous, fiercely impressive Equus Bass 770.

But hey, they won't know unless they try. And either way, we all win.


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