Drifters, tuners, and moronic plot lines have largely dominated the automotive-themed car movies in popular culture of late, though gems like Senna and Rush stand out as notable exceptions. Which camp will the upcoming Need For Speed movie join?

Based on the strength of this trailer, we're not sure, but we're definitely intrigued. Epic scenery, some of the world's top supercars, heart-pounding action, and some fantastic driving scenes make for an enticing combination. The over-the-top narration and operatic musical score point us in the other direction.

But it has Aaron Paul, of Breaking Bad fame, in the lead role as Tobey Marshall, and it appears to have had no expense spared in production. The movie tells the story of a street racer framed for a crime he didn't commit, who gets out of jail and starts looking for revenge.

Whichever camp the Need For Speed movie lands in, it should be an entertaining ride. The movie will be released in 2014.