Haven't heard of the Bravado Banshee? Then you're not a Grand Theft Auto fan, as it's one of the game's most recognizable cars. Soon, it will be recognizable in reality, as the teams at Rockstar Games and GameStop have joined forces to create a version you can actually drive--and win.

A contest to give away the Bravado Banshee, the PowerUp Rewards Epic Rewards Giveaway, will award the lucky winner with the only example of the car ever built.

But what of the car itself? Sadly, as is often the case with video gamers, the car's specifics are secondary to the fantasy--Rockstar hasn't given any details on what the car will use for power, chassis, or any other key systems. Given the car's proportions and overall look--especially the cockpit--it's likely the Banshee is based on the real-world car the video game version was clearly modeled after: the Dodge Viper. With a pair of turbos (it has "Twin Turbo GT" badges, after all), it should prove to be a very quick car.

Rockstar has announced that the car will be built by West Coast Customs, however. That does nothing to inspire confidence and much to inspire fear for its build quality and completeness, given years of seeing just how things get done at WCC on its television show.

But regardless of the provenance, the finished product looks pretty fantastic, inside and out.