Tesla’s all-electric Model S sedan is starting to gain traction in the market, with the company recently proclaiming that production of the car had surpassed 400 units per week and that the goal of 20,000 units for the first full year of production was well in sight.

Despite this, it turns out Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] is still having some teething issues with getting pricing of its cars right. Ignoring the company’s bold financing claims and decision to drop its cheapest offering, Tesla is tweaking prices on some options for the Model S.

A quick check of the Model S order page on Tesla’s website shows that the panoramic roof option, which previously cost $1,500, is now $2,500. XM Satellite radio used to cost $950, but now it's available only as part of the Ultra High Fidelity Sound Package for $2,500.

Then there’s the air suspension, which costs $2,250 but is only available once you’ve ordered the $3,500 Tech Package. The same is true for options such as the parking sensors and fog lamps.

While it's good that Model S buyers are now offered more options to choose from, the bad news is that the revised prices can add significant cost to what is already a pricey car.

These aren’t the only changes anyone considering a Model S will have to take note of. In a video dug up by Autoblog Green, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dropped details on some additional options planned for the Model S. These include a valet mode for the car (which limits its performance), an improved navigation system, and a direct connectivity option for your mobile phone.

The full video is posted below.


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