Jay Leno seems to prefer machines with four wheels. He also occasionally ventures forth on two wheels as well. This time around, however, the denim dreamboat finds a three-wheeled play thing in his garage. It's called the T-Rex, and it's built by Campagna Motors out of Canada. It's also fully street legal, can be titled as a motorcycle, and doesn't require that its occupants wear a helmet.

We'd still probably go with a helmet.

Campagna has been churning out iterations of the T-Rex since 1995. The power can be supplied by an engine from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, a Harley-Davidson, or, like the version Leno drives, a BMW. The T-Rex 16S utilizes the BMW inline-six powerplant, which pushes out 160 horsepower. This energy is controlled by way of the six-speed sequential gearbox, which was also adapted from the BMW motorcycle parts bin.

With just an 1,100-pound curb weight, the T-Rex seems to make for an extremely exciting driving experience. Jay talks about the machine for a bit before heading off to blast through the canyons. It might be fun, but it's certainly not cheap. The base price of the 16S is $62,000. There is a long list of toys we could purchase when shopping in that price range. Still, the Campagna T-Rex is certainly one of the most unique ways to spend $62,000, and it will no doubt be extremely fun as well.


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