• The Campagna T-Rex 14R - image: Campagna

    The company behind the wild T-Rex three-wheeler has sought bankruptcy protection. According to a Jalopnik report from Monday, Campagna has filed for bankruptcy, though the extent of the Canadian firm's money problems is unknown. Campagna has built the T-Rex three-wheeler since 1995. As the pride and joy of F1 mechanic Daniel Campagna and automotive designer Paul Deutschman, the contraption is sort of part car and part motorcycle. It can be registered as a motorcycle and doesn't require drivers to wear a helmet, either. Campagna sourced engines from three companies: Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson...

  • 2017 Campagna T-Rex
    Campagna plans electric T-Rex

    Campagna is working on an electric version of its wild T-Rex three-wheeler. The Canadian firm on Thursday said it tapped California's Zero Motorcycles to source a powerplant for the electric T-Rex, which will be shown in prototype form at the 2018 Montreal Electric Vehicle Show starting April 20...

  • Jay Leno Campagna T-Rex
    Jay Leno Checks Out Campagna's Latest T-Rex: Video

    Jay Leno seems to prefer machines with four wheels. He also occasionally ventures forth on two wheels as well. This time around, however, the denim dreamboat finds a three-wheeled play thing in his garage. It's called the T-Rex, and it's built by Campagna Motors out of Canada. It's also fully...

  • The Campagna T-Rex 14R - image: Campagna
    Campagna Announces New Six-Cylinder T-Rex Model

    Three-wheeler specialist Campagna is know for building some pretty outrageous vehicles. Its current lineup includes the Kawasaki-powered T-Rex 14R and 14RR, as well as the Harley-Davidson-powered V13R. The company’s mainstay, the 14R, dishes out 197 horsepower and 113 pound-feet of torque...

  • Campagna's V13R - image courtesy of Jay Leno's Garage
    Campagna's Latest 3-Wheeler Visits Jay Leno's Garage

    If the name Campagna sounds familiar to you, it should: the Quebec, Canada based company builds the three-wheeled T-Rex cyclecar. With two wheels in front and one aft and car-like seating, the T-Rex doesn’t require a motorcycle license to operate. What it does require, however, is a steady...

  • T-Rex on tour
    Campagna T-Rex on tour

    Campagna's T-Rex is a strange beast. Neither car nor motorcycle, it takes elements of both and combines them to create something that may not bark as loud as its namesake, but certainly features some of the bite. The T-Rex is the latest in lightweight cars that trade luxury amenities (i.e. anything...

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