If the name Campagna sounds familiar to you, it should: the Quebec, Canada based company builds the three-wheeled T-Rex cyclecar.  With two wheels in front and one aft and car-like seating, the T-Rex doesn’t require a motorcycle license to operate.

What it does require, however, is a steady application of throttle powering out of corners, since getting 197 horsepower to the ground through a single 295-millimeter tire takes some getting used to. Get it right, and the T-Rex can run from 0-60 in under four seconds; get it wrong, and you’ll learn all about oversteer.

If you’re looking for something a bit more laid back, Campagna also builds a three-wheeler called the V13R, which comes powered by the same V-Twin engine used in Harley-Davidson’s V-Rod motorcycle. Output is a more sensible 122 horsepower, which makes the V13R better suited to cruising than strafing canyons.

Jay Leno seems to enjoy his time behind the wheel of the Campagna V13R, although we’re not convinced he’d be willing to part with its $53,499 starting price. That’s nearly $5,000 less than the least expensive Campagna T-Rex, but it’s still a significnat amount of money to put down on a vehicle that can only be driven in nice weather.

Still, either Campagna model is like very little else on the market today, except perhaps Morgan’s three-wheeler. If you’re looking for something different to enjoy on the weekends, either Campagna model is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.