Campagna is working on an electric version of its wild T-Rex three-wheeler.

The Canadian firm on Thursday said it tapped California's Zero Motorcycles to source a powerplant for the electric T-Rex, which will be shown in prototype form at the 2018 Montreal Electric Vehicle Show starting April 20.

For its gasoline-powered models, Campagna turned to companies like BMW and Harley-Davidson for powertrains. Campagna said it picked Zero as its partner for the electric T-Rex because of the company's reliable and energy dense lithium-ion batteries.

Zero's powertrain features a clutchless direct drive design as well as an onboard charger. The company's most recent design boasts a 14.4-kilowatt-hour battery, which for a motorcycle can deliver a range well over 200 miles.

Campagna hasn't released any specs but said it was able to seamlessly transfer Zero's powertrain into the chassis of the T-Rex. Even without knowing the numbers, the instant torque, silent running and home charging factors should make the already impressive T-Rex even more desirable.

Following the reveal of the electric T-Rex prototype in Montreal this month, Campagna will undertake an extensive testing program and hopes to have a version more closely reflecting the eventual production model ready by the summer.