It started with driver Perry McCarthy and the title was eventually handed over to Ben Collins. A few others may have donned the suit over the years as well, but it appears that racer Gordon Shedden could be latest wheelman to be crowned the Stig.

That is, per The Daily Record, what fans of Top Gear has been stating as of late. The evidence presented by viewers seems to make sense too.

Shedden has been a part of the show in the past. Most recently, he was the winner of a race to find the world's best taxi. Shedden won the race at the wheel of a Hindustan Ambassador. Additionally, he was recently spotted riding a certain high-speed lawnmower, which was a joint project between Honda and Top Gear. The 135-mph Mean Mower showboating can be chalked up to his racing work with Honda, but it can also lend credence to the potential for his Stig work.

Gordon was pressed by folks asking if he is, in fact, the Stig. His response wasn't exactly a no: "I don’t think anyone can say that. At the end of the day, it is just a person in a white suit. It’s more about the myth about Stig than who it is."

That's certainly not a yes, either. It does, however, provide fuel for Stig speculators. It's also a smarter response than former-Stig Ben Collins gave when he revealed that he was the man in the white suit. He wrote a book detailing his Stigitude and was promptly let go by Top Gear.


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