We already know Nissan is working on a NISMO-enhanced GT-R for launch in 2014, and we also know that it’s set to be the fastest road car ever launched by the Japanese automaker. But now we know roughly how much power the car will deliver.

Speaking with Top Gear, Nissan officials revealed that the upcoming GT-R NISMO model would produce "more than 570 horsepower" and come with “better handling” and “improved looks” compared to the standard GT-R.

The upgrades will be key in Nissan setting an even faster Nürburgring lap time than the 7:18.6 set by the 2014 GT-R, which rates in at ‘only’ 545 horsepower.

Not only would that make the GT-R NISMO significantly faster than Porsche’s latest 911 GT3, but it may see it end up proving even quicker than the latest 911 Turbo S.

When will we get to see this beast? Given Nissan’s cadence for previous GT-R model reveals, a debut at the end of the year, most likely at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show in November, is looking likely.

Sales in the U.S., unfortunately, won’t happen until the second half of 2014, making the GT-R NISMO a 2015 model.


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