Taking on an automotive project vehicle is always an exciting undertaking. Sometimes a car might need a bit of bondo and paint, or it might need a whole lot more attention to make it right.

For one automotive enthusiast Redditor, however, it's quite a bit more involved. It's not everyday that someone decides to restore a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer... that's been flipped and destroyed.

The car in question has serious roof and body damage. That's not stopping the folks interested in putting the car back together.

The original poster claims that his or her father has been rebuilding cars for over 20 years, and is rather skilled for the task at hand. The plan is to remove the old roof, weld in a new one, and fix up any other damaged panels on the car both inside and out.

So far the total cost of acquiring the car and getting it 90 percent complete has come to around $4,300.

Now, the price is certainly wonderful for a well-repaired Lancer, especially if it has low miles. Still, why start with this car in the first place? If it were an Evo we could see putting in the time, money, and effort required to revive it. A standard Lancer though? Meh. Regardless of the car, however, we're quite impressed with Dad's handywork so far. You can view the progress of the car over on the Reddit thread linked to above.


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