You might think you'd have to be drunk to crash your car into a tree to make sure your airbags are working correctly. You'd be wrong.

You might also think you can stuff your airbags back into their containers after they've deployed, making them ready to go for another round. You'd still be wrong.

You might even think the German man who did all of these things was clearly under the influence of some other psychotropic drug, if he wasn't drunk. Wrong again.

A German man has proved all of these things with his contribution to the world of automotive research.

Uwe Schrager performed his ill-advised experiment in the Lower Saxony region of central Germany recently, reports the Austrian Times.

When police arrived to sort the "accident" scene, Schrager explained his methodology: he had crashed into two walls at lower speeds before the hypothesis-disproving tree encounter.

The police will be evaluating him for psychiatric issues.