Imagine you're watching TV and a commercial comes on for a transmission shop. We'd bet that 99 percent of the time, you'd tune out and wait for your show to come back on after the commercial.

This advertisement is the definition of that other 1 percent of the time when you just want to give props and watch the amazing unfurl.

Any commercial that starts by saying, "Hey baby, how does your car run? You having trouble with your transmission?" has our attention immediately. From there it only gets more hilarious. The entire commercial features a song that is about shifting it forward or into reverse, kind of like an ADHD Nissan ad.

The video stars what we assume to be the transmission shop's owner Goorgen, a yellow Volkswagen Thing, and three lovely ladies. Whether you find the advertisement hilarious or creepy, you have admit the song is catchy, in an earwig way.

Needless to say, if you're Burbank, California, and need transmission work, you could certainly check out Arlen's Transmission and sing along with him (and those three lovely ladies) in person.

Or not.

Hat tip Chris Mitchell