There's still about a month left before Codemasters' GRID 2 racing game hits the shelves, but we've already brought you detailed coverage of the game and its features. Today, we get an extended look at the multiplayer aspects of the game.

With up to a dozen competitors across discplines as diverse as endurance racing, drifting, touge, time attack, and more, the driving should prove engaging and difficult.

A livery editor gives the player control over their car's appearance, offering the opportunity to make a unique vehicle even when facing a pack of cars of the same make and model. If past experience with other games is any indicator, it's sure to result in some eye-popping color combinations, too.

Linked together through the RaceNet system, players can keep track of their stats and progress as challenges and objectives are attempted and met.

GRID 2 will hit stores May 28. For more information, check out the official GRID 2 video game site.