The new ATS has been a very successful car for Cadillac. In addition to racking up awards left and right (including nearly taking our 2013 Best Car To Buy award), the ATS has risen to become Cadillac's second-best-selling model behind the SRX, ahead of the larger XTS and CTS sedans. Soon, it may get a new coupe version to further stoke the fire.

Rumors of coupe and wagon versions of the ATS have been brewing since before the car's official unveiling, but so far, little has come of the speculation. That may have changed last week.

According to a report from GM Inside News, dealers were shown the upcoming ATS coupe during an event last week, alongside the redesigned Cadillac Escalade. Reports from attendees say the ATS won't follow the CTS Coupe's dramatic departure from the CTS sedan's shape, instead favoring a shared set of lines, but with longer door openings and a revised roof line.

Considering the CTS Coupe's niche-market targeting, that's probably a good thing for the broader-spectrum ATS. Unique and funky looks from chunky, wide C pillars are great, but they didn't translate to large sales volumes for Cadillac (and weren't intended to). A more typical coupe design should fare well for the ATS.

Cadillac hasn't formally confirmed the ATS Coupe yet, nor has it revealed any potential timing for such a car, but according to GMI, the car will launch in mid-2014.

Other rumored variants of the ATS include a high-performance ATS-V version, as well as a wagon and a convertible.